What better way to while away a summer afternoon than wandering through the spectacular vineyards of the UNESCO heritage Lavaux region. Located between Lausanne and Vevey, on the northern shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, it's one of the best known wine producing regions in Switzerland. Covering 800 hectares, Lavaux is the largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland, and its daringly constructed hillside terraces have been protected by UNESCO since 2007. Here the steep slopes, charming stone farmhouses and terraced vineyards with stone walls dating back to medieval times, rise up high over the lake, requiring courage and stamina from hikers, tourists and workers alike. The effort is well worth it for the panoramic lake views with mountain backdrop.
Spectacular Scenery
Some of the most spectacular sights are to be found in Lavaux wine-producing region, where the historic terraced vineyards provide a stunning setting and atmosphere whilst the lake and french alps make a glorious backdrop. Both for wine tasting and hiking it holds international renown, and it is a UNESCO heritage classified region that helps to ensure it will remain the same for future generations.
Unique Grape
On the sunny slopes surrounding Lake Geneva, the white grape "Chasselas" has been planted for more than 800 years in the Lavaux region, around Aigle and in the Yverdon region. The Chasselas white wine is a great aperitif, ideal for eating fish, and a classic match for fondue. Along with Pinot Noir grapes, the Chasselas grapes are the most widely cultivated grapes in Switzerland, and one of the most popular grape varieties. ... Read MoreFrench writer Hugo has lauded the Swiss Lavaux Chasselas wine "like an ancient song, carrying the Alpine spring water and Lake Geneva sunshine taste." Less
Traditional Brewing Method
We will take you to the different wineries in the Lavaux region to show you the traditional Swiss brewing process. To understand the local grape harvest, peeling, fermenting, maturing and the whole step by step wine making process. ... Read More800 years of grape growing history in Lavaux has made many stories, almost every household has a lifelong relationship with grapes that cannot be separated. Many people still retain the ancient crushing, fermentation machines and carry the same passion for terraces through endless generations. Less
Rich & Mellow Tastings
After the visit of a vineyard, the owner of the hospitable winery will invite you to personally taste their village treasure. Every autumn grape harvest, Lavaux large and small wineries are placed in front of the wooden barrels, welcome visitors, mountain climbers enjoy their fresh brewed grape wine. ... Read MoreAfter a taste of the different wines, we are sure you will found in the winery your favourite one. You can buy a bottle of your favourite wine for lunch or a souvenir. Less
Terrace Lake View Lunch
Not only is the Lavaux grape vineyards a favourite place for wine, more people remember it for the unique beauty of it’s magnificent scenery. We can take you to find the best terrace restaurant in the local scenery. With the sunshine at noon, you will enjoy the pure Swiss food and wine, creating new harmonies for your palate. ... Read More Facing the sparkling Lake Geneva, Lavaux region is definitely the perfect setting for appreciation of the Alps and a birds eye view of the shores. Less
Picnic Afternoon Tea
After a few wine cellar tasting, we have pre-organised a picnic hamper, for you to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea in the bright sun specially prepared for you with cheese and local specialty products To sit in the shade amongst the vineyards and feel relaxed in the surrounding lakes and mountains.
Swiss Wine Museum - Château de Aigle
Aigle is the heart of the Chablais region, the red and white wines of Switzerland. The whole town is surrounded by beautiful vineyards. Aigle since ancient times as a traffic hub and prosperity. The Aigle Castle was built in the 11th century, now the castle has been developed into Switzerland's famous wine museum. ... Read MoreThe gentle slope of the vineyard sketches out the shores of Lake Geneva, where vibrant towns and grape-growing villages are scattered. The region seems to be half dreamed and half real, but the farmers living in the wheat fields along the lake plains, the inhabitants of the medieval towns and the inhabitants of the former castles are always rooted in this solid land. On the north side of the Lake Geneva is the Jura Mountains, on the eastern side is the Vaud Alps, the region has lush pastures, cabins composed of villages, majestic mountains and magnificent glaciers and sunny rock. We invite you to experience it. Less
Wine has been produced in Lavaux since Roman times but the famous terraces were first built by Benedictine and Cistercian monks during the eleventh century. Despite the use of very modern production techniques, the vineyards are not irrigated nor are many chemicals used, part of the reason the area has earned its UNESCO World Cultural heritage distinction in 2007. In these picturesque villages with their steep slopes and ancient stone walls, you might feel that time has stood still for centuries.