Glacier 3000
A destination in the clouds, on top of the world! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on a natural sea of ice? To see the world from a birds eye view? To see the vast mountains of the famous Swiss Alps, stretch out before your eyes in a glorious 360 deg panorama? Don't dream it any longer, you can live it for yourself, in real life! The "Les Diablerets" summits are the highest peak of the Alps of the Canton Vaud in Switzerland. Located to the north east of the Rhone valley, the south-east face is covered with two big glaciers : the Glacier of Tsanfleuron and the Glacier of Diablerets.
Tissot Peak to Peak Suspension Bridge
Located in the summit of glacier 3000 snow-capped mountains, the Tissot Peak Bridge is the only suspension bridge in the world connecting two peaks. This 107-meter-long, 80-centimeter-wide steel cable bridge offers panoramic views of the Alps, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, the spectacular Jungfrau and other magnificent peaks that will create an impression on your memory that will last for a lifetime.
Winter Activities
The Glacier 3000 ski area connects both Gstaad Mountain Rides (220 km of runs) and Alpes Vaudoises (225 km of runs). The perfectly prepared Glacier 3000 runs are arguably the most stunning of all. There are 9 blue pistes for beginners, two great red runs, and 1 sensational black run.
Free Ride
Enjoy total freedom! Glacier 3000 is a top freeride areas Switzerland, where advanced skiers enjoy a variety of off-piste runs between 1200 and 3000 metres, where the snow is guaranteed. If you like to get away from the crowds and the resort slopes and instead glide softly and silently through deep sparkling powder snow, at Glacier 3000 you will feel in heaven!
Discover vast horizons and gorgeous landscapes with your special team of huskies, eager to race! Don't miss the amazing thrill of a ride on a dogsled through the alpine area of Glacier 3000. The Huskies pull you through the beautiful glacier landscape, an unforgettable experience. ... Read MoreExperience the pure joy of the lurching sled as you sit on a sled behind a team of racing Huskies. The wind will rush past your hair, and don’t forget to hold on tight! Want more challenge, take over the reigns and learn the commands to command the dogs , stop, go, faster, turn left, turn right! Never fear, The trainer is right beside you. Less
Snow Bus
Have you ever had a ride along in a snow cat? The Snow Bus from Glacier 3000 drives like a caterpillar over the crisp snow and it is also the most pleasant way to discover the glacier area – sit back and relax.
For those who are not skiing, or families looking for something fun to enjoy together at your own pace.There is a 7.2 KM safe and purpose built sledging piste at the top of Les Diablerets glacier, this can be both a afternoon and also a nighttime activity, all equipment is provided. Your children will play at being the fastest and greatest in one of the prettiest winter wonderlands in Europe.
Glacier Walk
The Glacier trail walk begins at the Scex Rouge mountain station. On the glacier trail, which is marked out for your safety, you will head towards the “Quille du Diable” at 2,908 m. ... Read MoreYou can choose to descend yourself, or take the Ice Express chairlift to the glacier and walk on the flat snow. If you continue on for 1 hour following the marked trail, you will pass by the famous towering “Quille du Diable” (Devils skittle) rock, and you will reach the Restaurant “Refuge l’Espace” From here you can sit back and relax and enjoy a well earned lunch or afternoon snack and drink, while taking in the panoramic views into the Derborance Valley. You can make the return trip back by foot again, or simply hitch a ride back on the Glacier 3000 Snow Bus. Less
Summer Activities
During summer , experience the rush of 520° circles, 10 steep curves, 6 waves and 3 jumps on an action-packed 1 km long alpine toboggan run at the top of the Glacier. ... Read More Achieve speeds of up to 40 km/hour: Get your adrenaline pumping and feel your heart beatting like a drum! You choose how fast you want to go, with a brake lever, and how many times you want to redo it :), you might just feel like you’re flying! Less
Summer Dome Hike
The Dôme hike is a beautiful hike from the Scex Rouge mountain station that leads up to the 3’016m Dôme. ... Read MoreStarting from the Sex Rouge, you will follow a wide path around boulders and stones, to reach the Dôme summit, and breathing in the fresh air and stunning mountain scenery all the way. When you get to the top your efforts are well rewarded by a breathtaking view out onto the glacier, the valleys and the Diablerets peak. Less
The Diablerets Summits

The "Les Diablerets" summits are the highest peak of the Alps of the Canton Vaud in Switzerland.
Located to the north east of the Rhone valley, the south-east face is covered with two big glaciers : the Glacier of Tsanfleuron and the Glacier of Diablerets.
Les Diablerets summits provide a marvellous panorama view of the Pennine Alps with Matterhorn, Weishorn, Grand Combin, the Mont Blanc massif, the Bernese Alps and the Prealps of Chablais and Vaud.

  • Dôme of the Diablerets : 3005 m
  • Tete Ronde : 3037 m
  • Scex Rouge : 2971 m
  • Culan : 2789 m
  • Tour Saint Martin (Quille du Diable) : 2908 m
Glacier 3000 In 1714, a massive 100 metre wide piece of the huge mountain became detached and crashed down the Alp Derborence side, smashing fifty five chalets and burying fourteen people under the rubble. The locals were convinced that the devil (diable) was living within the mountain and re-named it to “Les Diablerets”, literally : the abode of the devils. ... Read MoreEvery year, when they heard the noise of smaller rocks echoing large CRACKS as they bounced and smashed all the way down the mountain, the local people living in the valleys then believed the demons were playing skittles. A large pointy peak at Les Diablerets was even named “Quille du Diable”, literally: the Devil's skittle. It was later officially renamed to Tour St Martin, (“St Martins Tower”) but even to this day, it is still known and called “Quille du Diable” by local people. Glacier 3000 Cable Car Glacier 3000 Cable Car was a dream-to-reality more than 55 years in the making. The original concept of building the cable car started in 1959, to connect the Pillon Pass with the Tsanfleuron Glacier. The construction work started in 1962, the first part of the work is completed and inaugurated in July 1964, and renovations and additions made in later decades. Finally in 1999, the new Glacier 3000 Cable car, was built, that is running today. Tissot Peak Walk Bridge And now, the world's first Peak to Peak suspension bridge : constructed in the summer of 2014, and inaugurated in October 2014. Less