La Gruyères
The Gruyères Region holds 800 years of history and culture. Located at the heart of the Fribourg pre-Alpine foothills, the municipality of Gruyères comprises of the two villages of Épagny and Pringy. Situated on the top of the hill, Gruyères has a strategic vantage point to control the upper Saanen Valley. Surrounded by mountains, La Gruyères is filled with rolling green hills and dairy cows who provide this region with its famous Swiss milk giving distinctive and refined flavor to local Chocolate and Cheese making. Viewed from afar you will absorb a breathtaking view of the enchanting medieval castle of Gruyères perched high up on a hill dominating the surrounding village and countryside.
Chocolate Making
We can arrange individual and private workshops for you to personally meet with the master chocolate makers of Maison Cailler chocolate factory, where you can learn the secrets and skills of the most delicate and finest of handmade chocolates.
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Nearby Events
Morat Light Festival - 11 au 22 janvier 2017
A spectacular projection on the facade of the ancient buildings, hundreds of lanterns floating in the lake, ancient towers and ramparts illuminated i the night. In this 2nd edition of the Festival of Lights, the medieval city of Murten (Morat in French) will again become a theater setting of a glorious luminous display. Take a magical winter stroll lit up by lights everywhere!
Balloon Festival - Chateau d'Oex
  • From the Gruyères Castle, you are awarded with a great vantage point to see the surround countryside and historic village of Gruyères.
  • The museum of H. R. Giger is to be found in the nearby small castle of St. Germain. This museum showcases the fantastical art of the Oscar-winner and «Alien» creator.
  • Taking the Funiculaire Moleson sur Gruyères will lead you to the top for a pre-Alps panorama view. If you look carefully, you can see the Matterhorn to the southeast.
  • Lots of delicious free tasting opportunities awaits you at the chocolate factory museum of Maison Cailler Chocolaterie, so make sure to bring a bottle of water on your visit.
  • The best time to watch cheese-making at La Maison du Gruyères is from 9 am to 11 am and from 12.30 pm to 14.30 pm.
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Archaeologists found graves discovered in Épagny dating back as far as 325 to 250 BC. There were also traces that indicates that a hill of Gruyères hosted a Roman settlement. Hearsay has it that the name of La Gruyères came to life when founder Gruerius captured a crane (in French: “Grue”) and thus this heraldic animal inspired the name La Gruyères. Gruyères is famous for its medieval town, which thrived as a market town with a central street and city walls, developed beneath the castle. Today, you will find that the town has preserved its Medieval character. On June 22nd 1478, Gruyères participated in the Battle of Morat against the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold and won. Fast forward to 1849, the Castle was put up for sale and sold to the families of Bovy and Balland. Under new ownership, the Castle was restored and brought back to life. 89 years later, in 1938 the Canton of Fribourg brought back the Gruyères Castle, restored it as a museum and opened to the public.